Guess who’s back…. our family tree! It has magically reincarnated in our dinning room at our new home;) We are choosing to do a mirror image of our old tree, so to speak, with a white tree on slate gray backdrop this time (instead of the black on grey below from our Fairfield home).

Part one, started with white so I can cut in and detail with the grey around it. Sooooo glad to have it back and hang our pictures on it again (which I have to update with the newest members of the family:)

Stay tuned for the progress, I’ll try to post as I go.

new fam tree 2016.jpg


This was my first mural attempt and I loved it! My client (aka: husband) agreed to let me paint in our living room:)
tree drawingI have posted the photos according to the stages it took to complete. This is the drawing stage of course and overall, it took about 10 hours from beginning to end. It stands about 6.5′ tall and at least 5′ wide.

tree part 2My daughter was very surprised when the black acrylic started going on. Can you imagine waking up and finding this the next morning – like magic! I had to do this while she was asleep, especially the parts she could touch. I didn’t need black paint getting everywhere.




tree part 3

This is the final painted product with dog for scale (aka: wouldn’t get out of picture). I went through and touched up with the house wall paint.


tree finished tree photos detailThe final touch was adding the family photos – it really brought the project together – especially since on its own, the abstract tree was pretty simple in black. The frames are wooden laser cut spray painted silver with black and white photos of our family and friends. I added black ribbon to give the effect that we are really “hanging” them on our tree. I am very happy with my finished product, as is my client.

I have a better understanding of what goes into a mural including the following main phases: consult/brainstorming, beginning drawing/approval, execution, finalize/detail, then enjoy!:)



MY Family Tree

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