Marrone Family Tree: In-laws Style

What a wonderful transitional project for me with excellent clients to “practice” with;)

We started with this image:

missy and dan tree

The entire process took a total of about 5 hours, start to finish. I used chalk to do a rough sketch which I learned is much easier to hide/cover than pencil. I also learned to bring everything you think you need to someone’s house and more – aka: not enough paint/water cups and plastic to cover the flooring lol. The white was chosen by the clients and was beautiful against the camel wall coloring. I especially love how the tree expands onto the adjoining walls – a decision made while laying it out. I find it exhilarating how we start with an image but it ultimately becomes the clients own through little tweaks and customization’s made (cut the cheesy birds for instance). starting to paint tree 20140814_122429_resized

My beautiful neice for scale and the before and after below.


2 thoughts on “Marrone Family Tree: In-laws Style

  1. Kristine, your art work is amazing. I didn’t expect that magnitude of perfection. I’m not that kind of ARTIST. I will just appreciate your gift.


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