Grapevine Arch for a Couple of Vinos

I finished this project 5/23 at 7am while 9mo pregnant! I know what you’re thinking: why was a pregnant lady up on a ladder in the first place? For the love of art of course! We actually moved into our new home later that morning so the deadline was quite literally moments away. A week later my newest princess, Laura was born so just in the nick of time!

Mural is acrylic paint and wall color interior for touchup. Over 8′ tall and 7′ wide.

This was an interesting commission and I learned a lot. Namely:

  • Although painting at night is serene, quiet and productive – things tend to look differently in the light of day. Lesson: be sure to check twice in the natural light!
  • Doing a mural in different sections/pieces allows for natural morphing  and changes along the way
  • If a color or branch or highlight on a grape (in this case) doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t yet (aka: trust my gut instinct more)
  • I did a mock timeline, tracked hours, supplies, etc and turns out I could really make good money doing this if I wanted to! My time is valuable.
  • Always listen to your client and make adjustments immediately to make sure they are happy with the end product! In this case, more grape vine curly-cues:) We worked from a variety of images and created this original piece.

Here are some images and details of the finished product:

Finished product - grapevine beauty

Finished product – grapevine beauty


Grape detail

Vine detail

Vine detail


Rough sketch and branches painted in about 3 hours

Notes in progress: logged hours and potential cost

Notes in progress: logged hours and potential cost


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