Mr. & Mrs. Hughes Wedding 8.29.15

My husband and I had the honor to be in our dear friends’ wedding. As matron of honor, I took this role very seriously and contributed as much as I could. Being artistically blessed, I offered my services/time/finances on a DIY crafting mission to make my friends wedding experience as awesome as possible!

For the French-themed bridal shower, I made the majority of the decorations: banners, tissue balls, signage, tags/display for favors, etc.


Banner “Ooh la la, look at the Bride to be!”



Banner, “Congratulations Mrs. Hughes!”




“I love you” banner in French


The Bride and me

For the bachelorette, bridal squad t-shirts and labels for the favor liquor bottles handed out.


The Bridal Squad

The Bridal Squad

And the main event, the big day: seating chart/chalk work, table numbers, thank you bookmarks, and wine labels.


Vintage gold table numbers with custom chalk #s



20150826_140349 20150826_141045 20150826_141119

It was such a fun time and I can’t wait until the next excuse to craft/DIY!


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