Puuurrrfect Celebration for Riann’s 9th birthday

Well, it was crazy cool and colorful cats for this group of artistic kiddos today! Riann wanted an art party and I was more than happy to assist. To say it was a joy to create and teach art this afternoon is an understatement. Think of the adult “paint night” trend applied to kiddos. There’s less focus on copying a particular image and more attention paid to technique, fun, imagination and overall theme. For instance, since this celebration was feline-inclined, I made simple pipe cleaner kitty ears for us to wear and get into the mood;) MEOW

Riann chose this initial image from an artist Paula DiLeo online and the creativity took off from there in so many wonderful directions!

riann sample photo

We focused on how to start a painting with a rough sketch, shapes, etc. then moved on to painting background, large fields of color and finishing with detail.

I taught some other techniques too like blotting the canvas with paper towel for texture, using fingers as painting tools, and scratching into the paint with the bottom of the paint brush. Here are some of the happy artists’ and their creations (birthday girl top left):

I had fun creating one of my own that the birthday girl received as a present:)

riann present from me


The girls had a great time as did I; can’t wait to do it again!! Happy birthday Riann!

riann ptgs done



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