Crafty small art projects with the LO’s

salt painting

Abstract salt painting

Hello all,


I’ve been in an exploratory mode lately, trying out some techniques for future KM Creation Celebration ideas. Lucky for my kiddos, they get to be the Guinea pigs:)

We tried a fun tie die technique and salt painting. The processes were fun, end products may have been #pinterestfails but it’s the quality time and learning that matter. Plus, how can you go wrong creating art? I really don’t see the down side but I’m biased of course.

Watch the videos, part 1 & 2 for the full details! Here is what we learned (in a nutshell):


  • Crumple paper (or extra coffee filters in this case)
  • Use pens or watercolor to blot color randomly on the crumpled balls
  • Let dry then open for a cool tie die effect!
  • You can use the finished product for banners, craft flowers, paper to write on, etc.


  • Black paper for a more dramatic effect, poster board maybe (construction paper tended to warp and crinkle when drying)
  • Apply Elmer’s glue however you like and sprinkle salt (iodized, not kosher or sea salt lol)
  • Once glue dries and you shake off extra salt, paint on salt with watercolor. The effect is pretty cool and you end up with a great textured colorful piece!



Also check out the shaving crème technique a couple weeks ago! That was especially fun:)


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