My family tree – uprooted, redesigned and in progress

Hello all! I am embarrassed to say that I am my own worst client… I’m not sticking to deadlines set for myself because I can paint at any time I guess….right?! So, maybe by sharing the progress here, you can all keep me accountable from here on out so I can finally finish it.

It was originally painted at our Fairfield home and I’m recreating it at our Elk Grove home. We are going with a white version this time on slate grey background. You may be wondering why I’m doing things the hard way: painting the tree before the background? Well, the hope is the white will be more vibrant this way (instead of white painted on top of grey). TIP, for all you inspired painters out there: use mistint paint! Saves money and is still great, high quality paint!

The tree may have leaves this time in a pastel green maybe? Also, we think the picture frames need to be a beautiful pop of color (suggestions welcome).

It really is coming along…..I swear:) Update photos to come, as they are available.

Here’s a time lapse video I tried to do:)


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