Go Get ’em Little Slugger

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I was commissioned to paint a triptych for a baby boy’s sports themed nursery. He has an anxious big brother waiting to meet him and since mommy’s first labor went quick, I knew I had to crank these out before baby boy arrives soon!!

Mommy and Daddy’s favorite sports teams are the Raiders, Warriors and A’s. I painted the logos on 11×14″ for the two smaller and 12×16″ for the larger middle piece. I also chose to put them on primary color backgrounds that hopefully ties the three very different teams and sports logos together.

While I typically shy away from faces and people because it’s not my strong suit, I really like how the Raider tough guy turned out:) Also, I apologize to the die hard A’s fans out there, but I had to redirect the elephant’s trunk and bat he’s holding just a little so they’d fit better on the canvas.

Can’t wait to meet you little guy xo

Love, Auntie Kristi



Sometimes, you just need to free style

I’ve been told that giving a child a coloring book is a bad idea…hear me out. The reasoning is they don’t use all their creativity or imagination this way; instead, they focus on coloring the sections, staying inside lines, what have you. This is not to say that you should burn all your coloring books (because I would have a frickin’ bonfire LOL). However, you give them a blank canvas/sheet of paper every once in a while and the possibilities are endless!!

Exhibit A, my daughter, who is near and dear to my artsy heart, painting it out one day:

Crafty small art projects with the LO’s

salt painting

Abstract salt painting

Hello all,


I’ve been in an exploratory mode lately, trying out some techniques for future KM Creation Celebration ideas. Lucky for my kiddos, they get to be the Guinea pigs:)

We tried a fun tie die technique and salt painting. The processes were fun, end products may have been #pinterestfails but it’s the quality time and learning that matter. Plus, how can you go wrong creating art? I really don’t see the down side but I’m biased of course.

Watch the videos, part 1 & 2 for the full details! Here is what we learned (in a nutshell):


  • Crumple paper (or extra coffee filters in this case)
  • Use pens or watercolor to blot color randomly on the crumpled balls
  • Let dry then open for a cool tie die effect!
  • You can use the finished product for banners, craft flowers, paper to write on, etc.


  • Black paper for a more dramatic effect, poster board maybe (construction paper tended to warp and crinkle when drying)
  • Apply Elmer’s glue however you like and sprinkle salt (iodized, not kosher or sea salt lol)
  • Once glue dries and you shake off extra salt, paint on salt with watercolor. The effect is pretty cool and you end up with a great textured colorful piece!



Also check out the shaving crème technique a couple weeks ago! That was especially fun:)

Two more beauties – Vino Paintings

I’m really having fun finding Vino catch phrases and pairing them with images I find. These two pieces were commissioned, one for a winery of their label/brand, and the other for family friends.

Both are on Bristol board, 11×14″ with primarily Cabernet and Chardonnay Schlosser wine.

Please contact me at kmcreatesart@gmail.com if you would like to commission one and/or have an idea for a wine painting!

They are $30 unframed and $50+ framed. I can complete them in typically 2-3 days. Would make a unique and thoughtful Christmas gift, there’s still time!

love the wine your withdesmond wine

Not a day over 25…. Happy Birthday Gary Marrone!!

My father-in-law happens to share an affinity for wine and I decided to make him a wine painting. He had seen the previous creation given to my dad for Christmas and was hinting for one ever since. To personalize it even further, the wine bottle label is G60! I plan on doing more of these because my agent, ahem, I mean dad, is pimping me out:)

Wine on Bristol board, permanent pen and white acrylic paint, 11×14″



Mr. & Mrs. Hughes Wedding 8.29.15

My husband and I had the honor to be in our dear friends’ wedding. As matron of honor, I took this role very seriously and contributed as much as I could. Being artistically blessed, I offered my services/time/finances on a DIY crafting mission to make my friends wedding experience as awesome as possible!

For the French-themed bridal shower, I made the majority of the decorations: banners, tissue balls, signage, tags/display for favors, etc.


Banner “Ooh la la, look at the Bride to be!”



Banner, “Congratulations Mrs. Hughes!”




“I love you” banner in French


The Bride and me

For the bachelorette, bridal squad t-shirts and labels for the favor liquor bottles handed out.


The Bridal Squad

The Bridal Squad

And the main event, the big day: seating chart/chalk work, table numbers, thank you bookmarks, and wine labels.


Vintage gold table numbers with custom chalk #s



20150826_140349 20150826_141045 20150826_141119

It was such a fun time and I can’t wait until the next excuse to craft/DIY!

La Voz

At work, I am on a team called “La Voz” – appropriately so since we answer calls all day and use our voices quite a bit. I wanted to do something inspirational that could stay up permanently as representation of our team. This is what I came up with (acrylic paint, 3×6′ poster board):

la voz