Murals for Impact Church

I was commissioned, thanks to a referral from teacher at my kiddos daycare/school:), to paint three murals in three separate rooms at Impact Church in Sacramento. It was over a span of three months and the format included two religious quotes with artistic embellishment (which varied depending on the room). Painting scripture and text, which was very specific and controlled, was difficult yet rewarding because it really turned out great.

I used acrylic paint and the murals tended to be about 3×4′ in size. It was a pleasure working with them and I was so happy to bring some life to their grey walls in the children play rooms!



Freshened up the Kitchen, just in time for the Holidays


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So, while this might not be for everyone, it is for me…..and maybe you too?! We plan to remodel/overhaul our kitchen (someday soon I hope) but for now, why not slap some fresh paint on to make a huge difference for cheap? I know, I know, it may just be a band aid on an old, tiny little kitchen but it makes me happier, ok? LOL. Huge thank you to my husband for trusting me and allowing me to create!!

I picked a periwinkle blue in the same tone as the tan/orange original cabinetry so they vibe together (and it’s less painting for me on something we will eventually demolish). BTW: go to Walmart for your paint needs! Only $15 for a gallon of paint as opposed to Sherman Williams $30….

Then I figured – why not paint the cabinet door into an Venice cityscape of sorts? It was a newer cabinet we had installed to replace the super old double oven previously living there and was different in color than the other cabinets (unfinished/unvarnished/plain wood); it lent itself to this painting nicely.

Cute Loving Forest for Baby G’s Nursery

I was commissioned for this cute baby nursery mural and honored to paint it of course! These first-time parents-to-be wanted a birch tree forest for their baby girl with yellow bird accents. They also had a tight timeline – 1 week! – so they could show it off during their co-ed baby shower hosted at their house; the work horse that I am, it got done with a couple days to spare:) The 6’W x 10’H mural took a total of six hours and was complete with glitter accents and personalized details;)

This is why murals are better than decals people – it is personalized, one-of-a-kind, doesn’t peel off, has beautiful detail, and isn’t too expensive (something like this may run you roughly $150 and that includes supplies/artist’s fee)! It’s not too late to book your room transformation or commission a smaller painting in time for the Holidays!!! Please call or text 707-548-0772 or email Feel free to inquire on Facebook as well:

Happy Monday all!

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Marrone Family Tree

I LOVE IT! So do my happy clients: Laura, Lucy and Jeff:) We decided on neon yellow leaves after seeing the finished white tree (they look green because of the gray backdrop). The frames are gold with gem accents attached where they “hang” from the tree. All the photos are black and white and the frames hang by sparkly burlap ribbon. What a good feeling to finally finish. On to the next project(s)……

Purple Butterfly for Baby Jordyn

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Ok ok, while I haven’t worked on the family tree, at least I was productively artistically otherwise:) I created a surprise baby shower/nursery gift for my bestie and 2nd time parents-to-be. It is acrylic, glue, ribbon and glitter on 3 wood panels. It took about a week to finish. I was going for the scientific feel by doing “studies” of three varied purple butterflies. I’ve thought about creating more of these in different themes…. what do you guys think? Ideas?



My family tree – uprooted, redesigned and in progress

Hello all! I am embarrassed to say that I am my own worst client… I’m not sticking to deadlines set for myself because I can paint at any time I guess….right?! So, maybe by sharing the progress here, you can all keep me accountable from here on out so I can finally finish it.

It was originally painted at our Fairfield home and I’m recreating it at our Elk Grove home. We are going with a white version this time on slate grey background. You may be wondering why I’m doing things the hard way: painting the tree before the background? Well, the hope is the white will be more vibrant this way (instead of white painted on top of grey). TIP, for all you inspired painters out there: use mistint paint! Saves money and is still great, high quality paint!

The tree may have leaves this time in a pastel green maybe? Also, we think the picture frames need to be a beautiful pop of color (suggestions welcome).

It really is coming along…..I swear:) Update photos to come, as they are available.

Here’s a time lapse video I tried to do:)

Family tree for six

I’m back at it and really enjoy doing these in-home murals! They can make a dramatic difference and truly brighten a room. As many of you know, I am big on family, so I especially love painting this genre of murals.  The family plans to hang photos of their entire extended family all throughout the branches of the tree.

The first two images were the inspiration and the end product was a rough combination of them. To personalize it further, I suggested the heart with the couples initials and one bird for each of their beautiful children.

It was a three step process, drawing and trunk day 1 (5 hours); leaves, birds and touch up wall paint day 2 (2 hours); and details and highlights day 3 (2.5 hours). It is interior and acrylic paint, about 6×6′ and painted on their interior living room wall.