Antlers, Horns & Nature Abound!

People always like to say “I’m not very good at painting” or “I can’t do that!” My favorite part is when we’re done and they step back and realize yes they can!! It’s especially gratifying to help people realize their potential and spread joy, zen and calm while doing so. I mean – let’s be frank – I paint with everyone step by step to help show technique, colors, etc. so I’m totally in my happy place too:)

As you can see, I’ve had some truly awesome paint parties lately with really cool subject matter! We painted a deer bust where the night starry sky was inside the bust as well as a UC Davis Sigma Alpha paint party of a bull skull with their sorority colors/flower. Both outcomes were equally beautiful and DEFINITELY “hang-worthy.”




Hawaiian Seascape Paint Party

Mahalo to Diana and her friends for having me this afternoon to paint with them! She chose a beautiful Hawaiian Seascape and we added the umbrella/beach chair. The variety, creativity and uniqueness of each artist was truly impressive. We used acrylic paint on a 12×16″ canvas. I pre-sketch the canvases so we can get straight to the fun part – painting!! Book yours today – I come to you with all the supplies:) Happy Saturday indeed.

I’m adding Face Painting to the #kmccelebration Repertoire!

So, apparently I’m decent at face painting! I tried my hand in it at a couple of recent celebrations – my daughter’s 5th birthday and Menchie’s Grand Opening (in Sacramento) – and REALLY enjoyed spreading happiness through art in this new way:)

I am $40 per hour and ready to help make your celebration even better with some fun face painting! I can paint just about anything and enjoy a challenge if you don’t see what you like in my inspiration sheets/images.

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Nivano Paint Party to Benefit JDRF

I was so excited to host this #kmccelebration for Dr. Plante and her staff at Nivano Health Care in Roseville last night. Dr. Plante bid and won this paint party I donated to the Juvenile Diabetes foundation. What a fun night – I had been itchin’ to do an ADULT paint party, no offense kiddos LOL (insert adult beverage here). Only $30 a person and I bring the party to you people…let’s do some more!

Mother’s Day Paint Party!

I was honored to host a Mother’s Day themed paint party at KinderCare today! My skillful assistant Lucy was on hand as well to pass out compliments and eat as many mini muffins as possible:) LOL. To combine my love of painting and kiddos for such a sweet purpose made my heart full!

The little painters ages ranged from 4 months to over 5 years old so we chose to keep the actual image and end product open-ended. Beautiful and diverse creativity ultimately ensued depending on each painter’s skill level. The canvases were each 9×12″ and once hot glued together, became a mommy-kiddo masterpiece! Acrylic paint was used and most pieces were embellished with glitter, pom poms, bells, googly eyes and ribbon. Some duos painted hearts, or a rainbow, or even a flower. Even the babies got in on it too… literally using their little hands and tootsies.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone and I’ve sure kicked off my weekend with a blast!


La Peinture la Tour Eiffel

Oui Oui! These artists were MAGNIFIQUE! Birthday girl Emi chose a basic image of the Eiffel Tower that they then personalized in unique, fun ways:) Let’s just say glitter was a major player in their creative game LOL.

The party was a blast – I wasn’t there for all of it though….turns out the party day/time changed last minute and we had to improvise! I sent all the supplies, step-by-step painting instructions, pictures of how to set up the paint stations and pre-sketched canvases ahead of time. I joined them half way through and thankfully, it all worked out.

Emi was such a sweet girl and modeled mini sculptures of a palette and brush for me as a thank you gift. I know I always say it but….THESE PAINT PARTIES ARE SO FUN!paris-1paris-2paris-3


A Waddle of fun painting Penguins!

Apparently a waddle is a group of penguins on land (yes I had to Google it LOL:).

Anyways, I was fortunate enough to paint with a talented group of young ladies for the birthday girl’s 11th birthday party yesterday! It was the perfect rainy day activity and they were so focused, very impressive. In fact, the birthday girl kept painting for another hour after the party was over!! I’m always amazed at how diverse the final paintings are, even though we start with the same inspirational image and pre-sketched canvases.