R.I.P. Jojo “The Champ”

We had this hilarious, albeit well-intentioned, family portrait for years that my late Grandpa John had commissioned as a Christmas present. Check out my nose, LOL!! My parents used to hang it in the hallway, right in my line of sight, and it would CREEP ME OUT! Nothing like waking up in the middle of the night to our strange, slightly warped faces staring at me:)

Anyhow, my parents finally decided to say la vie to the portrait and asked that I paint something over it. I had a little fun with the portrait first but ended up painting a nice tribute to my mom’s dog Joseph, or Jojo, that passed away December 2017. Jojo loved looking outside at the birds and squirrels in their beautiful yard so this seemed a fitting interpretation of that.

I covered the portrait with white gesso, used acrylic paint for the image (many layers in fact) and it took about ten hours in all. The painting was about 2’x3′ and all it required was changing the hardware on the back of the painting so it will now hang horizontal (instead of vertical originally).

R.I.P. Jojo, love your older non-fur sis

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Go Get ’em Little Slugger

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I was commissioned to paint a triptych for a baby boy’s sports themed nursery. He has an anxious big brother waiting to meet him and since mommy’s first labor went quick, I knew I had to crank these out before baby boy arrives soon!!

Mommy and Daddy’s favorite sports teams are the Raiders, Warriors and A’s. I painted the logos on 11×14″ for the two smaller and 12×16″ for the larger middle piece. I also chose to put them on primary color backgrounds that hopefully ties the three very different teams and sports logos together.

While I typically shy away from faces and people because it’s not my strong suit, I really like how the Raider tough guy turned out:) Also, I apologize to the die hard A’s fans out there, but I had to redirect the elephant’s trunk and bat he’s holding just a little so they’d fit better on the canvas.

Can’t wait to meet you little guy xo

Love, Auntie Kristi


Hawaiian Seascape Paint Party

Mahalo to Diana and her friends for having me this afternoon to paint with them! She chose a beautiful Hawaiian Seascape and we added the umbrella/beach chair. The variety, creativity and uniqueness of each artist was truly impressive. We used acrylic paint on a 12×16″ canvas. I pre-sketch the canvases so we can get straight to the fun part – painting!! Book yours today – I come to you with all the supplies:) Happy Saturday indeed.

I’m adding Face Painting to the #kmccelebration Repertoire!

So, apparently I’m decent at face painting! I tried my hand in it at a couple of recent celebrations – my daughter’s 5th birthday and Menchie’s Grand Opening (in Sacramento) – and REALLY enjoyed spreading happiness through art in this new way:)

I am $40 per hour and ready to help make your celebration even better with some fun face painting! I can paint just about anything and enjoy a challenge if you don’t see what you like in my inspiration sheets/images.

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Murals for Impact Church

I was commissioned, thanks to a referral from teacher at my kiddos daycare/school:), to paint three murals in three separate rooms at Impact Church in Sacramento. It was over a span of three months and the format included two religious quotes with artistic embellishment (which varied depending on the room). Painting scripture and text, which was very specific and controlled, was difficult yet rewarding because it really turned out great.

I used acrylic paint and the murals tended to be about 3×4′ in size. It was a pleasure working with them and I was so happy to bring some life to their grey walls in the children play rooms!


Nivano Paint Party to Benefit JDRF

I was so excited to host this #kmccelebration for Dr. Plante and her staff at Nivano Health Care in Roseville last night. Dr. Plante bid and won this paint party I donated to the Juvenile Diabetes foundation. What a fun night – I had been itchin’ to do an ADULT paint party, no offense kiddos LOL (insert adult beverage here). Only $30 a person and I bring the party to you people…let’s do some more!

Mother’s Day Paint Party!

I was honored to host a Mother’s Day themed paint party at KinderCare today! My skillful assistant Lucy was on hand as well to pass out compliments and eat as many mini muffins as possible:) LOL. To combine my love of painting and kiddos for such a sweet purpose made my heart full!

The little painters ages ranged from 4 months to over 5 years old so we chose to keep the actual image and end product open-ended. Beautiful and diverse creativity ultimately ensued depending on each painter’s skill level. The canvases were each 9×12″ and once hot glued together, became a mommy-kiddo masterpiece! Acrylic paint was used and most pieces were embellished with glitter, pom poms, bells, googly eyes and ribbon. Some duos painted hearts, or a rainbow, or even a flower. Even the babies got in on it too…..by literally using their little hands and tootsies.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone and I’ve sure kicked off my weekend with a blast!